I’m a college instructor who reads a lot of science fiction and fantasy in his spare time. I’ve been reading SF&F for over 40 years, and I typically read 75-80 books per year, mainly in audio (~75%) and ebook format. Every now and then I’ll touch on horror or straight fiction as well, and the occassional non-fiction book (usually history of biography).

Feel free to comment on my reviews, but please be civil and remember that this is just a personal blog, not a commercial endeavor, and it’s mainly here for myself and for my friends and family to read. Thanks!

By the way, I have had a lot of folks ask over the years if I’m the author of Alas, Babylon. I am not — in fact we’re not even related, as far as I know. But this was one of my favorite SciFi books when I was growing up.


The author of that book, who was writing under a pen name, was a reporter for the New York Times who wrote a number of other excellent books as well. He died in 1964 (the year before I was born). If you’d like to learn more about him, this Wikipedia article is a great starting point:


Have fun!