Summary: A fun post-apocalyptic zombie romp reminiscent of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter books. Rating: 3/5.

Post-apocalyptic stories, especially in the zombie subgenre, are hard to differentiate right now. There are just so many stories, out there that the themes and devices have become intimately familiar with readers.

Most of the fun here comes from skilful action descriptions and some fun character dialog. The two main soldier characters, Danny and Will, have a terrific verbal exchange going on for most of the book, and it helps moves things along and smooth over some of the more predictable self-doubt and confidence-building moments.

The style reminded me a lot of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter books. Lots of action, but in the end a pretty standard action romp. This is a fairly routine treatise on a familiar subject. But it’s not bad, and zombie and P.A. fans will find much to enjoy here.