I’m not sure what’s worse, the “Rabid Puppies” misogynist dinosaurs or the just-as-rabid feminists and social justice warriors acting as if it’s the Selma to Montgomery March. But it’s good to see Best Novel winner N. K. Jemisin throwing cold water on both sides with a healthy and appropriate dose of perspective in her acceptance speech:

“Only a small number of ideologues have attempted to game the Hugo Awards. That small number can easily be overwhelmed, their regressive clamor stilled, if the rest of SFF fandom simply stands up to be counted. Stands up to say that yes, they do want literary innovation, and realistic representation. Stands up to say that yes, they do just want to read good stories — but what makes a story good is skill, and audacity, and the ability to consider the future clearly rather than through the foggy lenses of nostalgia and privilege.”

Brilliant. Here’s a link to her blog with the full text of her speech (and what is quite possibly the best acceptance speech title in Hugo history):

Holy Fucking Shit I Won a Hugo

For the record, I wasn’t a huge fan of The Fifth Season — I just couldn’t get into it. I will likely take another shot at it later after the series is complete.