Still catching up on odds and ends here. Warrior King is the new release in indie author Evan Currie’s Odyssey One space opera series, which I reviewed a few months ago. But about halfway through I realized that it was connecting to a sidebar novel that’s set in the same fictional universe.

King of Thieves is about a different ship, captain and crew, but it continues the larger story of the Odyssey One universe. Since this story has been fascinating, I highly recommend reading King of Thieves between books 4 (Out of the Black) and 5 (Warrior King) of the main series.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Out of the Black, with its ground-pounding urban warfare, so I was a bit hesitant to get back into the series. But I was blown away by the return to hard SF. The alien construct presented in King of Thieves was very cool, and the book as a whole seemed like kind of a cross between Ringworld and Aliens. Very exciting!

With Warrior King Currie returns to the main storyline in dramatic fashion, which readers will recall has been inching its way toward a conflict between cultures that reminds me a lot of David Weber’s Honorverse story. Weber excels at dramatic tension based on societies in cultural conflict, and Currie often seems to reflect his approach.

It works very well, and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here.