The other day I posted about my frustrations with the speed of my old Paperwhite and how I’d finally decided not to use it anymore. With a Fire HD 7 clocking in at only $39 I figured there wasn’t much to lose here. I received it today and my first impressions are pretty good.

The resolution is obviously fairly low, and it’s not as fast as my iPhone 6S+. But I think the extra screen space without any real extra weight makes it a much better reading platform than the iPhone. There’s also a big difference in overall contrast and brightness, but it’s quite usable so I think I’ll just have to try it for a while and see how it goes.

The Fire 7 still fits in my shorts pocket, so it still works for carrying around the house. I’ve already tried switching back and forth between audio and ebook, and that seemed to work well with my bluetooth headphones — so far so good.

I didn’t order a case with it, but that turned out to be a good thing. The case they steer you towards at purchase is $16, but I spotted a similar case with the same type of stand for only $6 with free (Prime) shipping and I put in an order for that today.

I like the software. As I mentioned above it’s definitely not as snappy as the iPhone, but it does support multitasking, and switching between Kindle and Audible, as well as audiobook playback within Kindle, are all seemless and smooth, as one would expect. Connecting to my WiFi and my Bluetooth device were both very easy and fast.

I was even able to download Overdrive so I can use it for library books. This is maybe more useful for ebooks than audiobooks, for the larger screen, and there’s no Immersion Reading (or even Whispersync between formats) with Overdrive, but I think this will still be handy.

This might be my preferred reading platform for a while. Let’s see how it goes.