I’m about done with my Paperwhite. It’s an early model, and if I’m completely honest, I was never that enamored with it to begin with. Here are the major points as I see it:

High font quality and readability in general
Light weight for its size
Bigger screen than a typical smartphone
Low cost
In-device purchases (friggin Apple….)

**Extremely slow responding to commands!**
Mediocre contrast between text and backlight compared with smartphones
It’s another device to carry around (rendering the 3G version moot)
Having to pay extra for ad-free home screen
No audiobook playback

On the surface this sounds like a sure win for Kindle, and indeed mine has seen plenty of use. Mostly I use it around the house. I’ve tried taking it out a few times, on appointments or on the road, but that never really seems to be worth it. I have an iPhone 6S+, with the 5.5″ screen. The Paperwhite’s screen is about 6″. That’s not a lot more, though the extra width does make reading easier. But is it so much easier that it’s worth it to carry two devices around? Nah. That’s an easy call.

But the real nail in the coffin of Paperwhite is its terrible responsiveness to commands. It’s just bloody slow. At everything. Navigation, downloading, even flipping pages is pokey as hell. On the iPhone everything in the Kindle app happens instantly. On the Paperwhite I can take a nap, fix something to eat, make some coffee, run a couple of errands, and maybe when I get back the page will hav flipped. Maybe. Okay, it’s not really that bad. But why put up with all that if I don’t have to?

But I still feel a compulsion to read on a device other than my phone. I’ve noticed that Amazon’s 7″ Fire tablet is only $39, so even if it’s terrible it’s not like you’re out a lot of cash. Might have to try that one.