Title: Steelheart
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews

Imagine if superpowers were real, but only super villains exist. There are no heroes, because “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Yikes! Great setup for a book, right?

Note: This is a review of the whole Reckoners series.

The Reckoners is fantasy guru Brandon Sanderson’s “YA” series, though I felt that it really worked at all levels. The story follows a group of people without superpowers called “The Reckoners” who take down supervillains. They’re the only ones fighting back — even the government has long since caved in.

The setting is somewhat post-apocalyptic. The world has changed because of the rise of these powers and the fact that there are no heroes to fight them. Most cities are controlled by one powered villain who’s beaten all challengers in combat. Normal folks just deal with it as best they can, mainly by trying to stay out of the way of powered villains.

The third book wasn’t quite up to the promise of the first two, but I enjoyed watching Atlanta get trashed (lol). And there were still lots of great plot twists and secrets revealed, which is always fun.

Not Sanderson’s best work (I’m a huge fan of the Stormlight and Mistborn books, which I’ll be posting reviews of soon). But it’s a good story, it’s better than most YA stuff that’s out there right now, and Sanderson fans will definitely enjoy it.