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In November I reviewed the fascinating breakthrough novel not alone, by indie author and relative newcomer Craig A. Falconer. While not his first novel, it was the first to receive wide attention, so I looked forward to his second release with great anticipation.

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Pilot X

Another great indie SF novel. Released just last month, Pilot X tells the story of a Doctor Who-like character who works for a time travel service that monitors and protects the timeline. This short novel offers a strong combination of humor and adventure, and it makes for a terrific read.

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The Collapsing Empire

John Scalzi’s latest is the first in a new series. The setting is the main point of interest here. Humanity has spread to the stars via FTL travel, but is now at the mercy of nature as the means of that travel begins to fail. Scalzi’s “Interdependency” is based on a forced interconnected reliance network — no system can survive on its own.  Continue reading “The Collapsing Empire”

Assassin’s Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy)

I’ve been a bit distracted lately, mainly due to raiding in World of Warcraft and a few really engaging television series. But I did manage to polish off the first trilogy in Robin Hobb’s epic Six Duchies world, known as the Farseer Trilogy. I’d seen these books on many best-of lists for years but had never quite gotten “a round tuit”. A friend’s recommendation finally brought me to them (thanks Chris!) and it turned out to be one of the best recent fantasy series I’ve read. It’s easily the best coming-of-age, heroic-fantasy story I’ve read since Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller books.

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The Traitor Baru Cormorant

A brilliant, creative debut novel, heavy on political intrigue and empire management. Creative worldbuilding and interesting characters make for a compelling start to a new series.

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Bill the Vampire

On a suggestion from a friend I picked up this unusual indie series last week, reading the first two volumes. It’s a good story, straddling the line between comedy and serious urban horror/fantasy, with both drama and laughs. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Tower Lord

Just a brief (negative) review of this sequel to Blood Song, by Anthony Ryan.

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My Complete 2016 Reading List

Click below to see my complete 2016 reading list. Some of these were reviewed, others were not. One of my goals for 2017 is to review every book that I read.

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The Best of 2016

Well it’s been an interesting year. I didn’t get everything blogged that I should have — 86 books as I write this, but only about 42 of those were covered by blog entries. But I did start the blog well into the year and so I guess I have that excuse, at least! Anyway, I thought I would take a few minutes and compile a best-of list from my personal 2016 reading list.

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